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Dark Base Pro 900 Orange Rev. 2 Midi Tower

Dark Base Pro 900 Orange Rev. 2 Midi Tower

Part Number: BGW14
Language: NS

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relocatable motherboard tray

flexibility for individual requirements the decoupled motherboard tray adapts to suit individual requirements, being completely relocatable and usable as a test bench. you can adjust it to three different heights or install it alongside the left panel in an inverted layout with redefined airflow. it is fully compatible with e-atx and xl-atx motherboards. silent wings 3

impeccable cooling and silence the three preinstalled silent wings 3 140mm pwm fans offer virtually inaudible operation. they are equipped with a smooth-running 6-pole motor, durable fluid-dynamic bearing and airflow-optimized fan blade design. the frame has funnel-shaped air inlets that generate high air pressure. modular hdd slots

generous space for your setups the installation options are flexible thanks to repositionable single hdd slots. supports up to 5 hdds, 10 ssds and 2 optical drives out of the box. the practical slot covers serve to hide any unused hdd slots and keep the inner workings neat and tidy. this enables you to create systems that are just as individual as you are yourself. very functional psu shroud

offering unexpected possibilities the psu shroud offers you a variety of solutions - not just for hiding the psu and to keep the system neat and tidy. the cover plates are separately detachable, making it possible to install a fan or an ssd on the top of the psu shroud and leave enough space for a radiator in the front. full circuit airflow system

a silence concept by the silence experts with its smart silence concept, dark base pro 900 rev. 2 is the perfect case for the extreme requirements of overclocked systems and super silent water-cooled pcs. it can carry up to seven additional fans, up to four radiators and has noise-reducing vents all around the case that provide ultra-effective full circuit airflow. dual rail fan controller

creating separate cooling zones the eight pwm fan connectors are divided over two rails, and each is switchable between silence and performance mode. this makes it possible to create two cooling zones that can be controlled by just the front panel switch. if you want all fans to run at the same speed, you can switch both channels to the same mode. tempered glass and leds

a perfect view inside your pc the case is equipped with an elegant, fully windowed side panel that is made of tinted and tempered glass. the eye-catching internal led illumination comes in six switchable colors. you can locate the led strips freely inside the pc case. smart i/o port and convenient charger

fulfilling practically every desire the front i/o port offers perfect compatibility for your high-end pc. a connector of usb 3.1 type c gen. 2 is supported. integrated wireless charger for qi enabled devices such as smart phones.